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  How does the application UpLoc work?
  How does the UpLoc application work?

-First download the application from Google Play, once installed, open it and click on "Login", as it is the first time you use it, you must register, click on "Not a user? Register!" Insert your information and accept, now you can start using the application, the next time you only have to click "Login".

-To start using the application, enter the Name of the Route you want to do, either click on the date button and the current date will be loaded in this field, in the "Update" field you can define how often UpLoc will upload your geographical position in the database, default is 300 seconds (5 minutes).

-Finally, click "Enable" and your geographical position will upload to the database automatically with the frequency defined in the "Update".
  How does the UpLoc web work?
  How does the web UpLoc work?

-In the Home you can download the application, so far only available on Android ...

-To View your routes or any other person's, press the user menu to see a list of all users; if you don’t find the page you are looking for, change the page with the numerical index you find at the bottom right of the table or use the search bar, once you find it, click on its name and you will see a list of routes of this user. In the list of routes you have four options: remove the route (provided you are the author), view a list with data of all records, view a map with all records or view a map showing the approximate track of the route .
  I forgot my password.
  I forgot my password.

-Click Login on the left side of the web and "Request the password reset" automatically receive an e-mail, follows the instructions.
  How can I solve my doubts?
  How can I solve my doubts?

-Click on Contact on the menu and send us your questions or suggestions, we will answer as soon as possible.